Tank Accessories

Tank Accessories

Customize the tank accessories you need for your winery

Every part is well designed and unique

Features of Tank Accessories

  • Custom made to suit wine industry standards

  • Flexible 3D design

  • Polished to a high grade finish

  • Clean with no inside seam visible

  • Highly reliable due to stringent in-house quality control system

Details of Tank Accessories 

stainless steel barrel
olavin heat exchanger
olavin receival bin
Olavin catwalk
  • Traditional Barrel Shape

  • Stamped ends mean seamless body

  • 2″male thread in the centre of body

  •  Accurate thermal calculation for the design needs

  • The tube offers long run time and can handle products containing pulp and particles

  • Modular design allows for easy modification and maintenance service

  • Used in conjunction with fermenters to store residues

  • Wheel or fork at the bottom for both manual and forklift use

  • Rugged and durable, the size can be customized

  • Combined, easy to install

  • Easy to operate with medium tanks

  • Safe and durable

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