In the 1990s, I was a teenager who lived in the countryside of southern Jiangsu which, located in downstream of the Yangtze River, where the climate is dry in winter and it is moist and rainy in summer. My father ran a vineyard and planted Kyoho grape. In the summer, the vineyard is filled with the fragrance of ripe grapes, mixed with the aroma of dirt and grass after raining, indulging myself in running in the vineyard, this is my most memorable moment. However good times are always short-lived, too much rain causes the grapes to crack and rot, causing a lot of loss. Our whole family went up and cut off the cracked and rotten fruit grains from the ripe grapes before they could be sold, the sorting work was unusually tedious and laborious, and I was wondering how good it would be if the grapes did not crack and rot, so that I could have enough time to gambol in the vineyard.

Later on, I left my hometown to go to college in Beijing, then I engaged in design work over more than 8 years in China Light Industry International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CLIEC) after graduation, and my father shut down the vineyard in 2000 he had run for nearly a decade.

In 2008, I had the privilege of participating in CHATEAU CHAGNYU AFIP GLOABAL design project, so far, I found a truth, grapes need to grow in the condition of warm and humid winter, dry and hot summer, more of that the planting areas should be with large temperature difference between day and night, that is, the Mediterranean climate is the most conducive to the grape production environment. In such an environment, the grapes do not crack, nor do they fall ill and rot. When I told my father the truth, the father said, “Boy, I was wrong, but you have to do things in the right way.”

And then after, my team and I began to independently operate wine tank business under brand OLAVIN [‘ɔlavin], which is a combination of two words borrowed from Spanish and French, Ola is from Hola in Spanish, means Hello, vin in French means wine. Hello wine, not only to mention that comes back in the field related to grape, but also to lesson us that we should follow the right track to design, produce and serve all the winery customers, because wine tank is actually an incubator to witness the process from grapes to wines, that is why we say good wine starts from OLAVIN.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                — Finley


FinleyCEO & Chief Engineer
“At OLAVIN TANK, we are united by a belief that only constant innovation, reliable quality, and considerate service can make us stand out in the wine tank industry.”
BeckySales Consultant
“You need not only a good listener but also a communicating bridge between your winery and OLAVIN TANK.”
SusanTech Director
“Let me and my design team work with you to find the perfect fit for your winemaking process tanks.”
EasonTech Engineer
“I am here to blend your imagination and our expertise on the drawing.”
MeikoMarketing Manager
“I am the messenger to disclose the newest options of OLAVIN TANK for you to choose from.”
CathyCustomer Service Manager
“There are a lot of things to take care of before you will timely and safely get your tanks & fermenters. Leave it all to me.”
JackProduction Manager
“We believe good quality roots in good production control. I am happy to be the guardian of OLAVIN TANK quality.”
ChrisAdmin Manager
“OLAVIN team supports you and I support the daily routines of OLAVIN team.”