‘OLAVIN’ stems from two words: OLA from the Spanish ‘Hola’, meaning ‘Hello’ and VIN meaning ‘wine’ in French. Together, OLAVIN means ‘Hello Wine’. The tank is where wine magic takes place. ‘Olavin’ is a tender greeting to the wine, a newborn baby of the vintage.

Why a cat in the OLAVIN logo? Because cats are smart, independent, and alert to any subtle change, just like winemakers. Winemakers always stick to themselves and explore the unknown world with patience and courage.

At OLAVIN, we only do one thing: WE HELP YOU MAKE BETTER WINE! Improvement is endless, every detail in the entire tank making process aims for perfection knowing that small details will greatly affect the outcome.

Is the jacket well positioned so that you can control the temperature accurately? How and at what height are racking valves mounted to the tanks, is it convenient for cellar hand to use? Is the tank manufactured in such a way that complete drainage can be achieved? We want the interior of the tank to be as smooth as possible to reduce the buildup of deposits and free you from laborious cleaning…

Every winery has some special requirements. OLAVIN never deem them to be ‘fussy’ or ‘picky’. On the contrary, here at OLAVIN, we are open to their thoughts because the feedback will drive continuous improvement on every single OLAVIN tank.

We understand that it is a winemaker’s ultimate dream to produce the world’s finest wine. When you’re striving to make your mark within the wine industry, OLAVIN will be there to help.

Olavin is aiming to become a top brand of tanks for boutique wineries. We are providing built to last tanks, with finer details on our tanks. Local designing and service, global sourcing from the US, Japan…, detailing manufactured in mainland China to get the best value of perfection.

Making good wine is a skill. Making fine wine is an art. Artists, do not make your fine wines without OLAVIN.


FinleyCEO & Chief Engineer
“At OLAVIN TANK, we are united by a belief that only constant innovation, reliable quality, and considerate service can make us stand out in the wine tank industry.”
BeckySales Consultant
“You need not only a good listener but also a communicating bridge between your winery and OLAVIN TANK.”
SusanTech Director
“Let me and my design team work with you to find the perfect fit for your winemaking process tanks.”
EasonTech Engineer
“I am here to blend your imagination and our expertise on the drawing.”
MeikoMarketing Manager
“I am the messenger to disclose the newest options of OLAVIN TANK for you to choose from.”
CathyCustomer Service Manager
“There are a lot of things to take care of before you will timely and safely get your tanks & fermenters. Leave it all to me.”
JackProduction Manager
“We believe good quality roots in good production control. I am happy to be the guardian of OLAVIN TANK quality.”
ChrisAdmin Manager
“OLAVIN team supports you and I support the daily routines of OLAVIN team.”